Holistic Therapy Courses & Workshops

Fully accredited for all ages and holistic abilities, in Culcheth, Warrington, Cheshire.

Welcome to Jo Houghton Soul Academy

Jo Hougthon Soul Academy began as a passion and an interest back in 2017 and eventually blossomed into a fully accredited holistic training academy in 2018.  I now serve students nationwide and offer a wide range of courses and workshops.

My passion and my life purpose are to realign others with their multidimensional aspects of self by sharing in my own experiences, wisdom and truth. My goal is to empower all souls to expand beyond the matrix which has imprisoned the human race and created a slave society.

Having spent 3 years teaching and developing an intolerance for ‘new age’ material and ways of being I woke up to the virus within and as such I no longer teach the text book way or in accordance with ‘new age’ practices.  My mission is to awaken the globe to the false light so human beings and earth can finally ascend out of the 3D Matrix.

Jo Houghton Soul Academy is the platform through which I share my truth and support those who are tired of ‘new age’ spirituality and false enlightenment to awaken to their authentic power, realise their full potential and create lasting and profound change.

holistic therapies

Holistic Therapy Courses

Whether you are looking to deepen your own awareness of self and who you are outside of the confines of the matrix and or wish to gain a qualification in a healing modality where you are encouraged to work intuitively and tap into your own healing powers, I am sure you will find something of value and interest in what I offer.
Angelic Reiki Training

Angelic Reiki Training

This course which is delivered over 2 courses imparts the unique system of angelic reiki healing. Students are attuned to the angelic reiki energies and an extensive number of treatment methods are taught.
Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Working with crystals is a great way to heal and balance your energies. This course is delivered over 4 days and will support you to locate implants and provide healing for a wide range of physical, mental and emotional distortions.
Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation & Mindfulness

This fully accredited course is great for anyone who wishes to develop their own meditation & mindfulness skills by becoming aware of the programming that controls you from within.  It is suitable for all levels of ability.
Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma

Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma

This course will not only take you on a journey to explore your own programming, it will also impart valuable knowledge and provide a solid framework from which you can move forward to support others in their own expansion journey.
Sound Practitioner

Sound Healing Diploma

If you are looking for a new career in sound therapy or just want to add another branch to your already established holistic business then this 3-day course is for you.
Soul Plan Reading Practitioner Trainings

Soul Plan Reading Course

This is an opportunity to learn an invaluable system of Soul/Life Purpose analysis. The purpose is to better understand our present incarnation and help awaken and activate latent potential for others and ourselves.
Usui Reiki

Breathwork Training

Breathwork or pranayama techniques help to release blockages in our body which inhibit the flow of life force energy.  The practice of pranayama supports balance and optimum health of the mind, body and spirit.
holistic therapy workshops


I provide a variety of beginner workshops to support you to experience the benefits of spiritual practices. These workshops include receiving soul guidance and connecting with your multidimensional aspects of self through sound healing.